Give Them a Scalpel and They Will Dissect a Kiss



Veterinarian and animal behaviourist, Dr. Ian Dunbar enlightens, entertains, and challenges the dog training community about the development and current state of the pet dog training profession. Founder of the largest professional association of dog trainers, APDT, Ian’s opinions on the issues that face and divide dog trainers should stimulate a lot of thinking and progress for the industry. Ian discusses recent rifts that developed among trainers using different methods, the importance of testing theory by using sound scientific methods, and his philosophy that training must be efficient and effective for dog owners.

Dr Ian Dunbar PhD, BvetMed, MRCVS, began and led the revolution in puppy classes and the popularization of positive methods, founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for the professionalization of our industry, and has spent many years leading and observing the course of pet dog training. His voice is informed, clear, insightful and bitingly honest- in characteristic style, Dr Dunbar leaves nothing unsaid.

Released  2006

Running time– 2 hours 51 minutes


Yes!, December 10, 2010

Reviewer: dogcatcher

Always a great speaker, Dr. Dunbar does it again; frank and a little controversial while being funny as usual. A great discussion of training principals and what is based on actual science.

Worth it!

Reviewer: Elizabeth Coburn

I respect Ian Dunbar for what he has done in the field of dog training, but I love the way he opens my eyes to things. He uses humour in a way that it makes things stick in my brain. He is honest and opinionated, and that is what it takes to keep dog training moving forward and not back.


Reviewer: Nanci McConnell

These were the best two DVD’s I’ve ever invested in. It was just a great feeling to know that my instincts have always been right. I’ve been involved in training dogs for 15 years, but I’ve experienced a lot of animosity with other trainers. It’s either ‘my way or the highway’. It was just comforting to know that this is a real problem amongst trainers and it’s not very justified. I have read every book available by Dr. Dunbar and I own every video he has produced and I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from him. I haven’t been able to attend his seminars, but I have purchased several from the business that tapes just about all current speakers/lecturers. I loved the DVD. I’ll probably watch it everyday! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Dunbar.


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