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What’s It About?

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) helps dogs gain confidence and social skills by arranging scenarios that allow a dog to explore and learn. Originally developed in 2009, BAT 2.0 is the updated version that is simpler, faster, and easier for dogs and people to do.

BAT is effective for many kinds of reactivity, from fear to frustration to ‘proper’ aggression. This video has several live demonstrations and explanations of BAT 2.0. Whether you are familiar with BAT or not, this video will help you understand how to put this effective tool to work.

This is a short introduction to the technique, with variations. It should be enough for professionals to start implementing BAT. If you are not a dog trainer or behaviorist, you will still find this helpful, but Grisha recommends working with a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI) or a trainer who is experienced with reactivity, and is familiar with this latest version of BAT

About the Author

Grisha Stewart is an author, international speaker, and dog trainer who specializes in dog reactivity. She owns Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle, which has earned many awards, including Best of Western Washington. “Ahimsa” is a Buddhist doctrine of nonviolence to all living things, which reflects Grisha’s focus on force-free methods to promote the well-being of dogs and their humans.
Released- 2014 Tawzer Dog
Running time- 1 hour, 19 minutes

Reactivity is a normal way for a dog to express his fear or frustration but is not a pleasant phenomenon for either him or his owner. Without careful management it can easily escalate into shows of aggression and other unwanted behaviours.

In this DVD, Grisha Stewart, author, international speaker, and dog trainer who specializes in dog reactivity, provides us with the skills and knowledge to use her world renowned method of behaviour adjustment training. She shows us how to set up scenarios that allow the reactive dog to explore and learn from their environment, boosting their confidence and social skills.

Stewart provides us with an explanation of the new BAT 2.0, shows us live demonstrations of BAT set ups , and offers lots of helpful information and advice, to create the perfect BAT set up, providing a powerful science-based solution for dealing with fear, frustration and aggression.

Bat 2.0 is the new updated version of the BAT concept, originally developed in 2009, and is simpler, faster and easier for both people and dogs to learn.

Stewart begins by explaining that the aim of BAT is to help dogs gain confidence and social skills.  This DVD focus specifically on BAT set ups which provides dogs with the experience and control to deal with a particular situation, such as a trigger. Stewart then gives us some further information on BAT, explaining it is an empowerment philosophy that focuses on rehearsal of success and science-based intervention.

The DVD continues by looking at why we should do BAT. Stewart lists some of the benefits such as safety, socialisation, and to empower your relationship with your dog.

We then examine some of the components of BAT, which include body language, leash handling, survival skills and set ups. Stewart explains that the other DVDs in the Empowered Animal series cover these in more detail.  She then shows us a video example of a BAT 2.0 set up with a dog that has issues with other dogs. Stewart explains that in the case of BAT sets up, the less intrusive they are the better. The idea is that the trigger starts off so mild, the dog is able to check out the situation and make choices on his own. It is this decision -making process we are really focusing on in BAT, with control and information both important in this process. Stewart continues by adding why she aims to make this training as natural as possible, which means not always using food as a reward.

Next, Stewart examines the function of barking and lunging, showing us how we can replace this behaviour with something more desirable. She then looks at what happens when the handler gives the reward and when the environment provides the reward, explaining why rewards from the environment are preferential. Stewart continues by focusing on ways to prevent return of fear in BAT 2.0 set ups, discussing how to use controllability, predictability, overtraining, training in multiple context, mood status, blocks of training and more.

Stewart moves on to logistics for set ups. She covers terms, creating the perfect set up, measuring success, trigger stacking, gear and safety. She also gives us detailed information on finding the right location, including how to fix a boring location and dealing with the distraction factor. As well as this, Stewart looks at the role of helpers and assistants, when to begin and end sessions, and gives us advice on break timing and session length.

The next part of the DVD focuses on set ups and troubleshooting. Stewart explains different types of reactivity which includes both avoidance and attempts to move closer, and aggression and frustration. We are then shown three detailed videos of BAT set ups, with Stewart talking us through the process. She also shows us how to keep BAT set ups as realistic as possible, by varying rehearsals in the following ways:
•Helper approaching student
•Following and parallel walking
•Sudden environmental control (surprise)

Stewart continues by discussing parallel play, which is using activities such as exploring the area ,in set ups. She also looks at other activities you could use, including; scent games, physical play, clicker training and massage. She then moves on to working up close with triggers, stressing the importance of safety. She shows us a video example of BAT up close, demonstrating the mark and move technique, as well as how to begin close up work with people. Finally, Stewart provides some tips for dealing with reactivity in the house.

The DVD ends with some final thoughts on BAT.

An extremely informative DVD that equips you with the skills to empower the reactive dog, allowing them to make the correct decisions and choices, using the environment as a reward.


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