In Focus Crying for Control DVD


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What’s It About?

How do you know if your dog needs control work? One sign to look for is extreme excitement at just the sight and sound of agility. Does your dog become totally focused on the obstacles and tend to ignore everything else, you included, once he sees them? Would your dog happily complete obstacles (even a whole course) on his own without any direction from you? Does your dog blast off the start line, often before you give him a release command? This DVD contains a training program for the crying for control dog that is intended to be done after you have completed the work in the FOCUS Foundation DVD. The goal is to preserve all your dog’s drive and desire to work. Crying for control dogs are wonderful, because they have an innate enjoyment of agility. You just need to channel their enthusiasm in the desired direction.

About the Authors

Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program in 2003. This program is designed to help trainers form a good working relationship with their performance dogs. Deb has an academic background in learning theory and social behavior. She is also an innovator in the use of the clicker in dog training. Judy has been on the AKC Agility World Team three times, winning team gold in 1998. Both Deb and Judy share a strong commitment to using training methods that are positive and gentle, yet are also efficient and effective.

Released 2006 Clean Run Productions

Running time- 55 minutes


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