In Focus Beginning Obstacle Skills


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What’s It About?

In this DVD, Deborah Jones, Ph.D., and Judy Keller demonstrate the application of their FOCUS program while introducing a puppy or a “green” dog to agility obstacles. The ultimate goal of focused obstacle training is to help your dog develop a clear understanding of how to negotiate each obstacle fluently and consistently on a single cue. We want the dog to display confident and independent obstacle skills. We accomplish this by training for understanding and enjoyment at each stage before adding further challenges.

The program is divided into three sections. First you will work on your basic training skills such as getting behaviors to happen and shaping behaviors. Next you will work on basic behaviors and exercises that lay the groundwork for future obstacle performance. These foundation skills are designed to increase your dog’s confidence, curiosity, boldness, and body awareness. Finally, you will work through the initial stages of training the tunnel, chute, tire, contact obstacles, and weave poles.

This DVD will not take you through to the finished product; rather, it will prepare you and your dog for more advanced obstacle training. If you follow the ideas and suggestions presented here, your dog will have a solid foundation for the challenges that lie ahead in agility training and trialing. Your dog will learn to love the agility obstacles, not just tolerate them. He will learn to have fun and stay focused while he works with you because he wants to, not because he has to.

About the Authors

Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program in 2003. This program is designed to help trainers form a good working relationship with their performance dogs. Deb has an academic background in learning theory and social behavior. She is also an innovator in the use of the clicker in dog training. Judy has been on the AKC Agility World Team three times, winning team gold in 1998. Both Deb and Judy share a strong commitment to using training methods that are positive and gentle, yet are also efficient and effective.

Released 2009 Clean Run Productions

Running time- 55 minutes


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