Clean Run Exercise Source Book, Vol 2


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What is it about?

 Have you gone out to the backyard with the few agility obstacles you have available and realized that you didn’t have any more ideas? Are you an agility instructor and need a resource to quickly find exercises at multiple levels? As at-home trainers, we know what we need to train, but few of us have the time or inclination to design our own agility training sequences.

As instructors, we sometimes just need a little help. The Clean Run Exercise Sourcebook has been designed with you in mind. As in Volume 1, exercises by top agility trainers, handlers, and instructors have been organized into three sections—jumping, weaving, and contacts—each with sequences at both intermediate and advanced levels. But Clean Exercise Sourcebook Vol. 2 contains even more exercises than the first one—482 exercises in all. The exercises are designed to fit within a 60′ x 80′ training area.

Who wrote it? Pamela Green

When was it published? 2006

Who published it? Clean Run


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