Clean Run Course Sourcebook Vol 2


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What is it about?

Whether you’re an agility instructor planning group class instruction, a volunteer organizing run-throughs or show-n-gos for your club, or a trainer looking for ideas for your home practice field, the Clean Run Course Sourcebook Vol. 2 is an invaluable resource. This edition focuses on Jumpers and Jumpers with Weaves courses.

We’ve designed 100 Jumpers and Jumpers with Weave courses that contain challenges suitable for AKC Excellent, FCI Agility III, and USDAA Masters level work and have broken these down to create nested-style courses appropriate for novice and intermediate dogs and handlers—that’s a total of 300 courses! Set up your equipment only once and run three different courses of varying difficulty with a simple rearrangement of the numbers and an occasional minor adjustment of obstacles.

The courses contain jumps, tunnels, and weave poles and a wide sampling of sequencing patterns to test handling skills and enhance any training program. Half of the courses are designed for a 50′ x 100′ area and the other half are designed for an 80′ x 120′ area.

Who wrote it? Ann Croft and Annie Pyle

More about Ann and Annie

Ann Croft lives in San Diego, California, with her four Border Collies: Trigger, Flurry, Kit, and Stun. Her first agility dogs, Bostons Mystic (1992-2004) and Chance (1992-2007), achieved many agility firsts for their breed. Chance, Caper (Ann’s first BC, 1996- 2007), and Trigger are all double agility champions, MACH and ADCH, and have all been AKC Nationals finalists, with Trigger earning the Silver medal in 2003. Trigger and her teammates won the 2004 USDAA Dog Agility Masters National Team Championships. Flurry and Kit are just beginning their agility careers. Ann teaches full time at her training center, Paws on the Wind Dog Sports, and is also an AKC and USDAA judge.

Annie Pyle lives in Hadley, Massachusetts. She has been training dogs for competitive sports for nearly 15 years. Her dog Split is a 4-time AKC National Finalist, winning the Bronze medal in 2006 and Silver medal in 2007. Both Split and Annie’s younger dog Granite have won top three placements in both ISC and individual rounds at multiple AKC Nationals. Winner of both the USDAA Northeast Regional Steeplechase and Grand Prix in 2004 and the USDAA North Central Grand Prix Regional in 2007, Split is also a 2-time Steeplechase National Finalist and 2-time Grand Prix World Championships Finalist, winning the Silver medal in 2004. Annie is currently the resident agility instructor at the Clean Run training facility.

When was it published? 2011

Who published it? Clean Run


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