In Search of the Truth About Dogs DVD


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What is it about?

Learn about the most recent developments in the natural pet health care movement from well known international experts. Dr. Christopher Day, British Veterinary Homeopath and author explains how over-vaccination causes sometimes fatal health problems in our companion animals and how to avoid these problems. Dr. Michael Fox, U.S. and British Veterinarian and author of Dog Body, Dog Mind and Healing Touch for Dogs explains how contaminated ingredients got into hundreds of pet food brands in the United States in 2007 causing the death and suffering of thousands of animals. And Catherine O’Driscoll, author of Shock to the System and What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines, interviews both experts and pet owners about how the natural approach to animal health is improving the health of companion animals. DVD producer, Canine Health Concern (CHC), was formed by DVD narrator and host, Catherine O’Driscoll, when three of her beloved Golden Retrievers died years before their time. CHC is an international organization with supporters around the world including vets, trainers, breeders, and ordinary dog lovers.

More about Catherine

British author Catherine O’ Driscoll founded Canine Health Concern in 1994 after two of her young dogs died from adverse reactions to vaccines. CHC campaigns for the end of over vaccination and promotes real food and complementary health care options for animals.

When was it recorded?  2008

Running time– 36 minutes


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