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Agility Skills Workbook




Confused about germans and ketschkers? Muddled by threadles and backside of jumps? The Agility Skills Workbook provides all the answers!

Handling in agility is becoming increasingly sophisticated as dog and handler teams strive to complete ever more technical courses in the fastest possible time. The range of handling moves can appear daunting but, with the correct groundwork and guidance, learning can be both logical and effective.

In the Agility Skills Workbook, authors Connie Sellers-Lane and Michelle Waugh have devised a series of dedicated exercises for each handling skill, which include:

  • Tight and loose turns
  • Blinds
  • Threadles
  • Backside of jumps
  • Tunnel skills

Each exercise starts with the basics,  develops the skill, and then proofs it so both dog and handler have a complete understanding of what is required. Photo sequences illustrate exactly what to do, and detailed diagrams give step-by-step guidance. Finally, there is a series of full course plans especially designed to test all the handling skills you have acquired.

Easy to follow, and packed full of valuable training advice, the Agility Skills Workbook puts positive learning at the forefront and provides that rock-solid foundation that is the key to future success.


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  1. padmin

    If you are looking for a clear, but detailed, workbook to learn or improve your agility skills and handling, then this is the book for you!

    With the use of diagrams, photographs and step-by-step instructions, it is easy to follow, and, provides a clear understanding of how to perform each skill. Not only does the workbook teach you how to perform the skill, it provides proofing exercises so you can find out how well your dog understands the criteria, ready to be tested in full courses.

    Each skill is broken down into a clear step-by-step, reward-based exercises which, if followed, will ensure your dog acquires the solid foundations needed for independent and confident skills.

    The book is split into chapters, and is cleverly contrived to that dog and handler progress their skills as learning is established. Starting with the pre-skills, each skill is outlined, one by one, based on its degree of difficulty. I especially like the use of training tips in each chapter, which provide insights to help with any issues that may arise in training. Obviously this is where working with a trainer would be an extra asset, alongside this book, as every dog is different in its learning process.

    To be able to work through exercises outlined in the workbook, a small amount of space and minimal equipment is needed, which is ideal for most people. The final chapter does require more space and equipment, as it provides full course plans to test you skills and handling at increased speed and in different situations.

    Overall this workbook has the dual benefits of being detailed, yet easy to follow, covering all the skills and handling techniques required to give you and, your dog, amazing agility foundations. It is logical and progressive, with clear guidance, including details such as distance between obstacles and cues for your dog, to ensure every aspect of teaching the skill is covered.

    I highly recommend this book and will be using it when I am working with my doggies!

    Katy James
    Agility instructor and handler

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