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Agility for Starters




Now in its second edition, Agility for Starters has been completely revised and updated to bring you the latest, and best, information as you start your agility journey.

With contributions from

Marita Davies
Denise Fenzi
Susan Garrett
Tamsin O’Brien
Dave Munnings
Silvia Trkman
Connie Sellers
Lucy Osborne-Norton

In just 101 exercises, Agility For Starters provides the perfect foundation training for novice dogs and handlers. You don’t need expensive equipment – you can begin training in your garden, guiding and motivating your dog so that he sees agility as the best fun in the world. You can do some of the exercises on your own, such as teaching your dog to turn left and right, to wait on the start line, and to learn how to weave. For others, you can have fun working with a training partner, teaching your dog to forward focus, to run simple courses and, most important of all, to make sure he always gets his reward at the right time, and in the right place.
Starting with exercises to encourage drive and motivation, Agility For Starters introduces key training concepts as well as giving step-by-step instructions so your dog learns to tackle the equipment with confidence and enthusiasm.
Handling skills are vital and, as you work through the 101 exercises, you will learn the correct signalling, body language and verbal cues so you can communicate effectively with your dog.
Training for excellence takes a lifetime, but if you follow the exercises outlined in Agility For Starters, you will set off with a clear understanding of how your dog’s mind works so you can establish a solid and rewarding relationship.
Agility For Starters is essential reading for all those who want their dogs to achieve success in agility using nothing but 100 per cent positive, reward based training.

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